Inspiration #6. Picnic perfection.

It’s summertime in Australia. Time for large brimmed hats, picnics in the park and lazy days at the beach!

Why not be a little bit fancy…? Our Zose Designs hair clips are the perfect accessory this summer.

Inspiration - garden hats copyHappy summer from Zose Designs. A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love.

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Zose Designs feature in Australia!

Our hair clips were recently featured on For those in the know, Babyology is the leading product-focused website for baby and children’s items in Australia. Below is a copy of the article followed by a link to the original posting. Yay!

Hair clips with a touch of nostalgia by ZoseDesigns

ZoseDesigns 3 Hair clips with a touch of nostalgia by ZoseDesigns

If you have a little girl, you know there is no such thing as too many hair clips. Out of all the things that exist in excess in my house, hair clips take up the least room and get used the most.

Unfortunately they also get lost, a lot, so I try to pick them up whenever I see some cute ones around. These ZoseDesigns harclips are really sweet, they remind me of the clips I used to wear when I was a little girl.

ZoseDesigns 2 Hair clips with a touch of nostalgia by ZoseDesigns

All the cute is covered – cupcakes, ladybugs, crochet and fabric buttons – need I say more? All clips are designed and handmade in Australia, prices start at $4 and shipping is only $1.60, yup $1.60, from the ZoseDesigns Etsy store.

They say fashion has a thirty year cycle. It works for me as I’m about thirty years older than my kids and I’m loving recreating my childhood through them. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to play with the Cabbage Patch Kid my little lady got for Christmas.

ZoseDesigns 1 Hair clips with a touch of nostalgia by ZoseDesigns

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Inspiration #5. Delectable desserts.

Mmmmm. I indulged in this dessert on a recent trip to Bali. The colors, the sounds, the smells and the tastes of Bali provided much inspiration for new Zose Designs product ideas… Who knew that inspiration would strike while eating this simple masterpiece?

ice cream bali

A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love from Zose Designs…

Inspiration #3. Somewhere over the rainbow.

A selection of our Zose Designs hair clips in rainbow colors.

Inspiration - over the rainbow

These rainbow clips remind me of the rainbow stickers and sticker books that we used to collect as children.

Hand-stitched puffy clouds in felt on rainbow clips. Colorful hand-painted wooden button on layers of felt flowers.

Available now in our shop. Visit our shop.

Have a colorful day!

Inspiration #2. Almost edible hair clips.

Nope, those are not real ladybugs. They are Zose Designs hair clips! And our watermelon slice and apple hair clips look good enough to eat! In the southern hemisphere it is getting warmer, and we are looking forward to Sunday picnics and long summer evenings…

inspiration apples copy

Our hair clips look good enough to eat!


(Top left) A hand-painted wooden ladybug button on a ladybug patterned ribbon clip. (Bottom left) Hand-painted watermelon slice wooden button on three layers of felt flowers in red, lime green and emerald green. (Middle) Hand-stitched satin ladybug on patterned ribbon clip. (Top and bottom right) Shiny resin apple on apple patterned ribbon clip.

Handmade by Zose Designs with a dash of sweetness and an ounce of love.

All items are available in our shop now. Shop Zose Designs.