A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love.

I’m Audra, the owner of Zose Designs, a boutique shop specializing in one of a kind handmade accessories for little girls. I am a mother to a fantastic preschooler, a full-time professor of business, a small business owner and leader of a weekend preschool. Though I like what I do in my day job, this blog is about all of the other stuff that I love doing and that helps me keep my sanity when trying to balance a career and motherhood.

I started Zose Designs in 2013. I have always had an artistic flair, and after my daughter was born, I really found my creative side. I received so many compliments on the clothes and hair clips that I made for my daughter, that I decided to start my own business. I also just love doing stuff with and for my daughter – it helps me relax. With the assistance of my little helper, all of Zose Designs’ items are made with a dash of sweetness and an ounce of love.

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