Traveling with little kids. A few tips. #2

Selamat pagi! Greetings from beautiful Bali, the island of the gods! I am happy to write that this has been the easiest of our many international trips yet, with our now three year old daughter. Nonetheless, we have encountered a few things that travelers should be aware of, when traveling with little kids to such locations.

Bali nature photo

Our first 10 days were work-related, so we stayed in provided accommodation. It is our fourth trip here, and everything was great, as usual. However, one thing we are having difficulty with is the mosquitoes. No matter what we have done, we cannot keep them away from our daughter, who is now covered in giant red welts from head to toe. We have tried mosquito coils, we have electric zappers inside and out, we sleep under mosquito nets, and we have tried all sorts of repellants, from natural citronella oil, to baby-safe repellants, to stronger creams. We have also kept her in long sleeves and pants from 4 pm, and rubbed the repellants into her clothes. The adults have not suffered nearly as much, so we are at a complete loss as to what to do. Our second vacation villa is, except for the bedrooms, completely open to the outside, with no screens, but the mosquitoes here (in the lovely Seminyak) are not nearly as active.

In my first post, I mentioned that you really don’t need to pack your entire house when traveling with little kids. We have packed lightly, and really, nothing is missed; everything is available to buy in Bali, if you really forgot some essentials.

Many villas in Bali have a pool. They are often just a step away from the villa entrance. Ours is just a step off of the living area. Our solution was to install a hired pool fence for child safety. We hired ours from Baby Service Bali. For a nominal fee ($12 per day), they arrived just before we did, and installed a sturdy fence with a security gate all the way around the pool. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

pool fence hire  pool fence hire

We would love to hear YOUR tips for traveling with children to Bali or other exotic destinations!

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