How to…Make a stylish table lamp for your girl’s room.

A cute lamp on a budget.

I was inspired to make a cute table lamp for my daughter’s nursery after seeing many expensive lamps that just did not fit the decor ideas I had in mind. Then I saw this lamp from Land of Nod:

land of nod lamp

I thought it was cute, and it went with the garden theme for the room. But, they did not ship to Australia. So, I decided to make my own! I had a $10 lamp from Ikea for ages. I glued pink pom pom trim around the top of the lampshade. That was a start. Then i went shopping for a woven flower pot and fake tulips. I found bunches of silk tulips at one of the only artificial flower shops in Melbourne. The flowers and the pot cost around $30. The pot had a wooden base, so I sawed a small hole in the bottom to stick the lamp’s cord through. Then, I glued a small styrofoam block to the inside base and set the lamp on top and put the flowers, gently wedging the stems in between the styrofoam and the flowerpot. I didn’t glue the flowers in, so that I could remove them later for cleaning the dust off. And here is the result:

Zose Designs tulip lamp Zose Designs tulip lamp

I actually like my lamp more than the inspiration lamp!

A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love from Zose Designs.


Love to hear your comments!

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