Quick and easy cake pops

The usual recipe for cake pops that I have seen involves mixing cake crumbs with frosting and scooping it into balls. Not only does this seem like messy business, but it also looks like a lot of work without guaranteed results. I always found this process to be daunting and would even roll my eyes any time I would come across a recipe or the dozens of Facebook photos posted of kids’ parties by other mothers, thinking,  “Who has time for that?”

apple+cake+pops+-+scoop.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500 × 1200 pixels)

Plus, the thought of mixing cake with all that super sweet frosting made my lips curl. That was until my husband brought home a cake pop mold, and I decided to try it out for my daughter’s birthday party. It looks exactly like the photo below, and he bought it at Aldi. I was skeptical, but using the mold requires no frosting, and you can adjust the recipe to just about anything you want.

If using prepackaged cake mix, you need to add one extra egg, and half the liquid in the recipe. This makes the cake a bit heavier and it keeps its shape. Bake at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes, cool for 5, and you end up with perfectly formed cake balls.  To keep them secured on the stick, dip the stick in melted chocolate before sticking it in the ball, and then freeze them for a few minutes to set the chocolate. Then decorate away. Our final result looked like this:


The kids just loved them!


Love to hear your comments!

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