Inspiration #4. Christmas hair clips. Ho ho ho!

Happy holidays from Zose Designs! We have some cute hair clips in Christmas colors – perfect as small gifts or stocking stuffers. Visit our shop for more details.

inspiration christmas copy

Ho ho ho!


Tis the season. Christmas gifts. Things we love.

All for the little ones’ Christmas joy…

This post is about some neat Christmas gifts that we have bought ourselves and recommend. Tis the season!

Christmas stocking. For a special touch to your fireplace mantle, who can resist these hand-sewn stockings? From Bebe Sniklefritz on Etsy ($26 + 10.50 USD for name/monogram). We bought one for our daughter two years ago, and can’t wait to bring it out this year. The fabric is so soft and fluffy, and the embroidery work is excellent. From the popularity of the shop, we think others agree as well.

Pink Christmas Trees Embroidered Baby Christmas Stocking

Finger puppets. Keep your little one entertained with these adorable finger puppets from MiChiMaLLC. Although the puppets are recommended for children 4 years and over, our daughter has been entertained by them from age 0.

Ten Little Ones - Felt Animal Finger Puppets

I spy bags are the perfect toys to keep your toddler and preschooler busy when traveling. In the car or on the plane, these are lightweight, will fit in your carry-on or stuff it behind the front seat. Each time our little one picks this up, there are always some new things to find and new surprises. We have bought several as gifts over and over.  Below: (top photo) Cupcakes, I Spy Bag Travel Toy by Aebaby, $20 USD, (bottom photo) Train hide and seek I Spy bag by Giggle Junction, $15 USD.

I Spy Bag TRAIN Hide and Seek I Spy Bag Sensory Toy over 70 designs in our shop

Baby blocks. These are so much better than baby blocks sold at retails shops these days, where you have no idea how the wood was processed or about the paints and sealants used. These blocks have lasted us three years and have survived many a tower and even a tantrum or two. They are non-toxic and chemical-free. By Tiny Giraffe Shop, $26 USD.

Educational Toy ABC Wooden Blocks Original Artwork Modern Nursery Decor Baby Name Letter Blocks

Jewelry for little and older girls. We love the necklaces with resin charms by Baby Loves Pink. We bought this Koala necklace for $15 USD. They have charms and pendants in everything cute that you can think of. Perfect gift for little girls!

Koala Necklace

Slippers. Handmade slippers with no-slip soles. Perfect for any season. Durable and adorable. $18 USD from Swag Booties.

Infant baby booties slippers girl  Soft Soled Shoes Amy Butler Grey and Pink dots SWAG gray hot pink circles

Something for mom, too. Cute salt and pepper shakers from The Scatty Artist. This shop has so many other cute items – every one of them perfect as a Christmas gift!

Group Graze Hand Painted Sheep Salt & Pepper Pot Set Lush Green Fields with Cloud like sheep scattered

Dreamy pillows. From Fong Studio. These came in a set of two for $21.50 USD. They decorate my daughter’s bed and armchair, and have also served well as headrests in her car seat. I liked these so much I started sewing my own!

NEW/TWO/Polyfil Stuffed little owl pillows decoration/collection - Ready to ship

Hair clip/ hair bow holder. This is just perfect for your little girl’s hair accessories collection. Hang it in the closet, on a hook, on the wall. These come in so many varieties, and you can personalize yours by selecting hair color and style, eye color, skin tone, and name. $25 USD by Dennis Hockerman.

Hair Bow Holder/Personalized, Hand Painted, Unique Gift

And, of course, Zose Designs hair clips would add the final special touch!

etsy mini

Inspiration #3. Somewhere over the rainbow.

A selection of our Zose Designs hair clips in rainbow colors.

Inspiration - over the rainbow

These rainbow clips remind me of the rainbow stickers and sticker books that we used to collect as children.

Hand-stitched puffy clouds in felt on rainbow clips. Colorful hand-painted wooden button on layers of felt flowers.

Available now in our shop. Visit our shop.

Have a colorful day!

How to…Make a stylish table lamp for your girl’s room.

A cute lamp on a budget.

I was inspired to make a cute table lamp for my daughter’s nursery after seeing many expensive lamps that just did not fit the decor ideas I had in mind. Then I saw this lamp from Land of Nod:

land of nod lamp

I thought it was cute, and it went with the garden theme for the room. But, they did not ship to Australia. So, I decided to make my own! I had a $10 lamp from Ikea for ages. I glued pink pom pom trim around the top of the lampshade. That was a start. Then i went shopping for a woven flower pot and fake tulips. I found bunches of silk tulips at one of the only artificial flower shops in Melbourne. The flowers and the pot cost around $30. The pot had a wooden base, so I sawed a small hole in the bottom to stick the lamp’s cord through. Then, I glued a small styrofoam block to the inside base and set the lamp on top and put the flowers, gently wedging the stems in between the styrofoam and the flowerpot. I didn’t glue the flowers in, so that I could remove them later for cleaning the dust off. And here is the result:

Zose Designs tulip lamp Zose Designs tulip lamp

I actually like my lamp more than the inspiration lamp!

A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love from Zose Designs.

Inspiration #2. Almost edible hair clips.

Nope, those are not real ladybugs. They are Zose Designs hair clips! And our watermelon slice and apple hair clips look good enough to eat! In the southern hemisphere it is getting warmer, and we are looking forward to Sunday picnics and long summer evenings…

inspiration apples copy

Our hair clips look good enough to eat!


(Top left) A hand-painted wooden ladybug button on a ladybug patterned ribbon clip. (Bottom left) Hand-painted watermelon slice wooden button on three layers of felt flowers in red, lime green and emerald green. (Middle) Hand-stitched satin ladybug on patterned ribbon clip. (Top and bottom right) Shiny resin apple on apple patterned ribbon clip.

Handmade by Zose Designs with a dash of sweetness and an ounce of love.

All items are available in our shop now. Shop Zose Designs.

A butterfly baby mobile.

I made this butterfly chandelier for my daughter’s nursery when she was just a baby. It was not that hard to make, so I thought I would share it as inspiration for DYI baby projects.  Inspired by the many gorgeous butterfly mobiles on the web (see this page), but not inspired by the prices of most, I decided to try my hand at making my own.

chendelier 2 chandelier 3Butterfly chandelier, DYI

Butterfly chandelier, DYI

I bought a needlepoint loop and covered it with a satin ribbon to hang from a pendant lamp in her room. This way the light shines through the butterflies and creates neat shadows. The rhinestone and crystal pendants also sparkle in the light. The butterflies are three layers of card stock paper glued together in the center, and the wings are fluffed, so it looks like the wings are fluttering. I threaded the butterflies onto elastic thread, and added sparkly gem beads throughout, secured with crimp beads at different heights. Each butterfly also has a glued faux pearl for added sweetness. We have had the chandelier in her room for three years now, and she still loves it!

I found a few tutorials online for making these yourself. Tutorial 1. Tutorial 2.

A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love. Zose Designs.